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The arquipelago of the Azores is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between North America and Europe , 760 nautical miles from Lisbon and 2110 nautical miles from New York, investigators have linked the Azores to the legendary Atlantis.

The arquipelago is divided in three separate groups of Islands as follows: Oriental group- São Miguel and Santa Maria , Central group- Terceira,Graciosa, São Jorge,Pico and Faial Ocidental group: Flores and Corvo .

The arquipelago is 2323 km2 , Sâo Miguel is the largest island with 745 km2 and Corvo is the smallest with 17 km2.

The climate in the Azores is amazing, in the summer the highest you will normally get is around 26ºC,28ºC degrees (80ºF), in the winter months the lowest is around 13,15 degrees (60ºF) the temperature of the ocean is between 14 to 22 degrees.

Another very unusual thing you will find are the hot springs in some of the Islands , and many different types of mineral water that you can have a taste of.

Visiting the Azores will be an experience of a lifetime definitely worth it.

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